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Our association and its members benefit from various partnerships with different associations and companies from Strasbourg and other parts of the European Union.

Partnership with the German Parliamentary Association

Herbert Dorfmann, MEP and President of the APE, and Bernd Wichterich, Executive Director of the German Parliamentary Association

The European Parliamentary Association maintains close contacts with its “German sister”, the German Parliamentary Association (DPG), which has its seat in Berlin and brings together the members of the Bundestag.

The APE was, indeed, created on the model of the German Parliamentary Association, and – even if it developed its own specificities during the years -, the two associations have kept on sharing the main aim of fostering a dialogue beyond political divisions.

The General Secretariats of the APE and the DPG meet on a regular basis and engage in the organisation of common events.

Partnership with the restaurants of Strasbourg

Le-buerehieselThe APE offers its members the opportunity to benefit from a 10% to 20% discount in 11 restaurants of Strasbourg.

This is a particularly interesting offer for MEPs and diplomats, as it is extended also to visitors groups, who can equally benefit from special prices.

For more information about this offer, please contact our General Secretariat.

Partnership with “Galeries Lafayette”

galeries-lafayette 3.jpg
Sally Patti, communication manager of Galeries Lafayette, and Marie-Claude Waechter, deputy director of Galeries Lafayette

The members of the European Parliamentary Association and their assistants can benefit from a 10% discount in the fashion store Galeries Lafayette in Strasbourg.

Moreover, they have access to personal fitting rooms, can use a free personal shopper service, and have right to express alterations and free delivery.

Galeries Lafayette has also sponsored some of our events such as the Christmas Party, the Saint Patrick’s Day Party and the Garden Party.

Partnership with Skoda Strasbourg

Skoda Superb

Our members have the opportunity to benefit from particularly interesting discounts on the vehicles of the Skoda car dealer of Hœnheim. These discounts apply to the following Skoda models: Fabia, Rapid, Octavia, Yeti, Superb and Kodiaq. To learn more, please contact our General Secretariat.



Partnership with the distillery “Distillerie Massenez”

Sspiritsince 2016, the Alsatian distillery Distillerie Massenez has contributed to the organisation of many events of the European Parliamentary Association by offering special tastings of its spirits to our guests.