The European Parliamentary Association organises different kinds of events for students and other members of the civil society of Strasbourg, to communicate the activity of its members and, more in general, to give visibility to the work of the European Parliament and of other European institutions.

PRESIDENCY DAYSK. Kivi T. Meszerics U. Paet

Twice a year, we organise different kinds of events, such as exhibitions, concerts and conference debates, which are open to the civil society and are aimed at celebrating the history, the culture and the political activity of country holding the Presidency of the Council of the European Union.


Ensemble de la salleCONFERENCE DEBATES

The European Parliamentary Association organises during the year several conference debates in collaboration with other European associations – like the European Movement or the Young European Federalists – or the University of Strasbourg, to promote an informal dialogue between MEPs and the members of the civil society of Strasbourg.