Days of Austria

(22.10.18 – 24.10.18) This plenary session we organised in the framework of the “Days of Austria” two events that gathered more than 200 people in our Association. Our members and the public had the opportunity to get to know more about the history, the culture and the current political priorities of Austria.

The Days of Austria started with an opening ceremony on Monday 22 October. Our guests had the pleasure to enjoy the diversity of the cultural heritage of the country by visiting an exhibition dedicated to the life of Bertha von Suttner – an Austrian pacifist who was the first woman to win the Nobel Prize for peace in 1905 – and by watching a dance performance by the Austrian artist Doris-Buche Reisinger. Finally, the participants had the opportunity to discover Austrian food specialties during a reception in our cellar.

On Wednesday 24 October, the focus was set on the political dimension of the Austrian presidency. We organised a debate on the topic “The Western Balkans during Austria’s EU-Presidency”. We had the honour to welcome two prestigious guest speakers, namely, Dhurata Hoxha, Kosovo’s Minister for EU affairs and the Austrian MEP Lukas Mandl, member of the Delegation for relations with Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo. The main questions of the debate were the following:

What initiatives will the Austrian presidency put in place to bring the Western Balkans closer the the EU? What are the challenges Kosovo is facing in regard of the EU-accession process?  How could the Western Balkans give new energy to the European project?

Minister Hoxha shared her hopes and also her concerns about the future of her very young, but dynamic country. She described the efforts which were made in order to come closer to the EU and she stressed the importance of a rapid accession process.

MEP Mandl gave us some insights about the long collaboration between Kosovo and Austria through the Austria-Kosovo Friendship Association and he stressed that the Western Balkans are a high priority of the Austrian presidency. Also visa liberalization for Kosovo’s citizens was discussed.

In the second part of the evening, the public had the opportunity to ask several questions to our speakers, in regard to the economic and human-rights situation in Kosovo, the relationship with Serbia and the possible impacts of EU-enlargement on the decision-making process of the EU.



Breakfast with Hervé Moritz and Astrid Lulling

(25.10.2018) On Thursday 25 October we welcomed exceptionally two guest speakers at our traditional breakfast – Hervé Moritz and Astrid Lulling. Our members had the opportunity to discuss the importance of the participation of young people at elections with Hervé Moritz, President of the Young European Federalists in France. He presented the initiatives of his association and highlighted that the high participation of young people in associative life does not necessarily translate into political engagement.

At the end of the breakfast, we had the honour to welcome Astrid Lulling, former Member of the European Parliament, who devoted her life to European politics and who came to our association to present her autobiography “Mein Leben als Frau in der Politik”. She told some anecdotes about her political career and she shared her impression about the state of the process of European integration.  Meeting these two personalities was a nice way to look at the same time at the past and at the future of the European project.



European models of agriculture and the new CAP


Dear friends of the European Parliamentary Association,

We are delighted to invite you to our next debate “European models of agriculture and the new CAP”, which will take place on Tuesday 13 November, starting at 7:30 pm, in the villa of our association (76allée de la Robertsau).

The debate will be moderated by the students of the “CUEJ – Centre universitaire d’enseignement du journalisme” of Strasbourg and will be an important opportunity to discuss about the impact of the new common agricultural policy on different models of agriculture throughout the continent.

You will have the pleasure to discuss with four Members of the European Parliament who are deeply involved on this topic. They are: MEP Herbert Dorfmann, rapporteur on the future of CAP for the European Parliament, MEP Michèle Rivasi, MEP Jan Huitema and MEP Marc Tarabella.

After the debate, you will be invited for a cocktail in our cellar.

To register, please write at:

Breakfast with the Commander of the Eurocorps

EurocorpsDear friends of the European Parliamentary Association,

We are delighted to invite you to the next working breakfast of our association, which will take place on Thursday 15 November, starting at 8 am, in our villa, at 76 allée de la Robertsau, Strasbourg.

Our guest speaker will be Lieutenant General Jürgen Weigt, Commanding General of the Eurocorps. He holds this post since 7 September 2017, when he took over from Spanish Lieutenant General Alfredo Ramirez, and, like his predecessors, he will be the Commander of Eurocorps for a period of two years. As Commanding General, he is responsible to the Eurocorps Common Committee, the political-military decisive body representing the Framework Nations.

During our working breakfast, Lieutenant General Weigt will discuss the contribution that the Eurocorps could give to the creation of a European Defence Union.

The participation in the working-breakfast is reserved for the members of our association. To register, please contact our general secretariat.

The Western Balkans during Austria’s EU Presidency

DEBATE The Western Balkans during Austria's EU-PresidencyDear friends of the European Parliamentary Association,

We are delighted to invite you to our next conference debateThe Western Balkans during Austria’s EU Presidency”, which will take place on Wednesday 24 October, at 7:30 pm, in the villa of our association (76 allée de la Robertsau Strasbourg).

Even if the European Union is going through a difficult period, the Western Balkans keep on the road of EU membership and, in this regard, bringing the Western Balkans closer to the European Union is one of the priorities of the Austrian EU Presidency.

What initiatives will the Austrian presidency put in place to fulfill this goal? What are the expectations of Western Balkan countries? Could the Western Balkans give new energy to the process of European integration?

We will have the opportunity to discuss these issues with two prestigious guest-speakers. They are the Austrian MEP Lukas Mandl, member of the Delegation for relations with Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Kosovo, and Dhurata Hoxha, Minister of European Integration of Kosovo.

After the conference debate, you will be invited in our cellar for a cocktail.

We hope to see you there.

Soirée d’ouverture des « Journées de l’Autriche »

SOIREE D'OUVERTURE Journées de l'Autriche lundi 22 octobre, 19h30Chers amis de l’APE,

L’Association Parlementaire Européenne a le plaisir de vous convier à la soirée d’ouverture des « Journées de l’Autriche », une initiative qui va durer trois jours et qui a pour objectif de mettre en lumière l’histoire, la culture ainsi que l’engagement politique du pays détenant la présidence du Conseil de l’Union européenne.

La soirée d’ouverture des « Journées » aura lieu lundi 22 octobre à 19h30, au siège de l’Association Parlementaire Européenne, 76 allée de la Robertsau à Strasbourg.

Vous aurez l’occasion d’assister au vernissage de l’exposition « Bertha von Suttner, une vie pour la paix », dédiée à la comtesse autrichienne Bertha von Suttner. Née en 1843 à Prague, pionnière du pacifisme, première femme à obtenir le prix Nobel de la paix en 1905 quelques années après avoir incité son ami Alfred Nobel à créer un prix portant son nom, elle fut engagée tout au long de sa vie contre l’antisémitisme, le nationalisme fanatique et contre toute autre forme de haine et de discrimination.

Le vernissage sera suivi par une représentation de la danseuse autrichienne Doris Buche-Reisinger.

A l’issue du spectacle, vous pourrez déguster diverses spécialités autrichiennes autour d’un cocktail.

Merci de confirmer votre participation auprès de:

Breakfast with Harold Avraham Weill

(4.10.2018) On Thursday 4 October our members had the opportunity to gain insights in the Jewish community in Strasbourg by talking with the Chief Rabbi of Strasbourg and Bas-Rhin, Harold Avraham Weill, who shared his experience as Rabbi in Strasbourg and Toulouse and extended his analysis also to the Jewish communities in other European cities.

He focused on the role of young people, who gather regularly to analyse and discuss sacred texts and who play a central function in the continuation of the community’s life.

Moreover, he pointed out the importance of hospitality towards refugees, owing also to the history of the Jewish people, and he reflected on the challenges facing religious dialogue in Strasbourg and Bas-Rhin.