Culture, a motor for European integration?

(12.09.18) Could culture give new energy to the European project? And, if yes, how could it contribute to shape a different vision for the future of our continent?

We tried to investigate the relationship between culture and the project of European integration during our civic consultation on the topic “Culture, a motor for European integration?” , which took place on Wednesday 12 September in our villa and which was organised in partnership with the European Student Think Tank, an association of European students.

We tried to understand the role of culture in shaping a common European identity with the contribution of three prestigious guest speakers. They were MEP Jean- Marie Cavada, former journalist and former president of the European Mouvement France, Paul Lang, Director of the Museums of the City of Strasbourg and Céline Mellon, soprano singer.

Referring to their professional experience, the speakers outlined different perspectives on the topic. Their interventions were followed by an exchange with the public, which took also the form of a short quiz, which allowed participants to test their knowledge about the cultural policies of the European Union.