Garden Party 2018

This year our traditional garden party took place on Wednesday 4 July and, once more, it proved to be a not-to-miss event for many MEPs and their collaborators.

The 2018 edition was particularly successful thanks to the support of many valuable partners.

They are Daimler, Crédit Agricole, the restaurants “La Casserole”, “Maison Artzner” and “Au Cèdre”, the wineries “Joseph Gross”, “Clos Meckert” and “Carastelec”, the Alsatian beer producer “Meteor”, the distillery Massenez and Spirits Europe. Then, “Les Secrets du Chocolat”, the European Snacks Association, Vanessa Dawe and the Bundesverband der Deutschen Süßwarenindustrie.

Moreover, also this year we had the great pleasure to collaborate with some prestigious fashion brands and stores like Guerlain, Ludan Andres and Galeries Lafayette. In particular, Galeries Lafayette organised a spectacular fashion show, which captured the attention of the majority of our guests.

Finally, a special mention goes to the Dutch Flowers Association, which put in place a revisited version of its traditional European flower wall. What is a garden party without beautiful flowers?