“Multi-speed Europe: What future for its citizens?”


Will a multi-speed Europe deepen the cleavage between the citizens of different member states?

We tried to answer this question during our conference debate “Multi-speed Europe: What future for its citizens?”, that took place on Tuesday 12 December, starting at 6:30 pm, in the rooms of our villa.

This event was organised in collaboration with a group of students of the “Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Strasbourg and was preceded by several roundtables aimed at analyzing the different issues that are at stake in the project of multi-speed integration. These roundtables saw the interventions of MEP Benedek Jávor and the Professors Frédérique Berrod, Francisco Roa Bastos and Maurice Blanc.

As regards the conference debate, the speakers were MEPs Mercedes Bresso and Marc Tarabella, members of our association, Professor Frédérique Berrod and Mr Hervé Moritz, President of the French section of the Young Europeans Federalists.

The event was welcomed with great enthusiasm, especially by university students, who participated in large numbers.