Breakfast with the Representative of the Russian Orthodox Church in Strasbourg

BREAKFAST with Father Philippe, Thursday 16 November, 8 amIn contemporary European politics, several problems require a dialogue between the different religious communities involved. In this sense, interreligious dialogue may facilitate the solution of many of these problems.

We will discuss about it and about the mission of the Orthodox Church in Strasbourg with father Philippe Ryabykh, Representative of the Russian Orthodox Church in Strasbourg.

He will present the state of the art of the construction of the Church “Tous-les-Saints” and of the spiritual and cultural centre situated beside the church and, then, he will give his view on the challenges facing the future of interreligious dialogue in Europe.

We will meet father Philippe during our traditional Thursday breakfast, on 16 November, at 8 am, in the villa of our association.

Our members who wish to attend are invited to register at: