Debate “The rights of European citizens in face of Brexit”

DEBATE The rights of European citizens in face of Brexit Tuesday 14 November 7 30 pmThe rights of 3.5 million EU citizens living in the UK and 1.2 million UK nationals living in EU countries is one of the key issues of the Brexit negotiations.

We will discuss about it during our debate “The rights of European citizens in face of Brexit”, which will take place on Tuesday 14 November, starting 7:30 pm, in our villa.

Three British MEPs will present their view on this topic. They are MEP Julie Ward (Labour Party), MEP Jean Lambert (Green Party) and MEP Charles Tannock (Conservative Party).

Moreover, also Professor Reuven Ziegler, advisor of the NGO “New Europeans”, will have his say.

The debate will be moderated by the students of the School of Journalism of Strasbourg (Centre universitaire d’enseignement du journalisme – CUEJ).

At the end of the debate, we will continue to discuss informally in our cellar, where a cocktail will be served.

This event is open to the public and, therefore, everybody interested in the topic and willing to participate is invited to register at