Breakfast with Guido Raimondi

(15.06.17) How does the European system of protection of human rights work and how effective is it? On Thursday 15 June, during our traditional working breakfast, the members of the APE had the pleasure to discuss about this and other related issues with Guido Raimondi, President of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR).

For MEPs, this was an occasion to address to Mr Raimondi several questions related to the respect of human rights in their country of origin and to debate on how the jurisdiction of the ECHR affects national decisions.

Particular attention was given to the situation in France and to the importance of finding a balance between the respect of human rights and the state of emergency (état d’urgence).

This fruitful exchange is part of the continuous effort that the European Parliamentary Association is making to reduce distances between Members of the European Parliament and diplomats working at the Council of Europe.

We thank the Staff Association of the Council of Europe and its President, Mr Denis Huber, who helped us to take contact with Mr Raimondi and arrange his participation in our working breakfast.