Breakfast with Ghislain Benhessa, author of the book “Rule of Law Facing Terrorism”

BREAKFAST - Rule of Law Facing Terrorism, 18.05.17Since January 2015, France and the rest of Europe have been hit by a wave of terror and are facing the same challenges of the US after 9/11.

France reacted by introducing the so called “état d’urgence”. Soldiers were and still are patrolling the streets, police raids have been conducted day and night throughout France, numerous arrests were made and even more people set under house arrest.

Was this reaction effective?
Has France to reinforce security at the expense of freedoms? To detain the blacklisted ones? To introduce exceptional measures to prevent new attacks?
And what role could the European Union play to prevent terrorist attacks?

We will try to answer these questions during our next Thursday breakfast, on 18 May, starting at 8 am, in our villa.

Ghislain Benhessa

For this occasion, the French lawyer Ghislain Benhessa, PhD, will present the content of his book “Rule of Law Facing Terrorism: Should we follow the American example?”, where he analyses the action of legal councils from Bush and Obama administrations and describes the stakes of this complex debate, where law and moral requirements face political and war ones.

For those who understand French, here you can find an interview of Ghislain Benhessa appeared on the French Channel BFM TV and here another one appeared on Europe1.

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