Breakfast with Monsignor Jean-Pierre Grallet


“We have to give young people wings, so that they can be the wings of Europe.”

It was a message of hope that Monsignor Jean-Pierre Grallet, archbishop of Strasbourg, addressed to the members of the European Parliamentary Association during the breakfast on Thursday 16 February 2017. The archbishop, who came to the association to discuss the role of Christianity in Europe, approached many topics that are at the top of the agenda of the European Union, as migration and the environment. “Politicians and priests strive to find an answer to the same questions”, noted Monsignor Grallet, who invited the Members of the European Parliament to put young generations at the centre of their action. “It is fundamental to let young people speak, to give them the possibility to make their voices heard”, pointed out the archbishop of Strasbourg, making reference to his lifetime engagement with young generations.