Days of Greece

(10-20.03.14) From 10 to 20 March 2013, the APE organised the “Days of Greece” in collaboration with the Permanent Representation of Greece to honour the country’s Presidency of the Council of Europe. Several intellectual and cultural meetings took place in the rooms of our association.

The Days began with a vernissage of the photographic exhibition “The Greek seas” which was opened by the Joseph Daul, President of the APE, and Iraklis Asteriadis, Permanent Representative of Greece to the Council of Europe.

On Tuesday 11 March, our association held a conference debate on the topic “Are the signs of the end of the economic crisis in Greece, outlined with regard to the Greek presidency of the Council of the European Union, signals for an actual recovery of the growth of the country and the EU?” with Georgios Papanikolaou and Nikolaos Chountis.

Under the motto “The Greek Muse”, the pianist Chara Iacovidou and the actor Jean Lorrain created a wonderful concert with a lecture of Greek poems, which marked the finale of the “Days of Greece”.